Music Press Release Distribution $297

Have your music potentially reach thousands through press and media. Your music Featured on over 200+ outlets including NBC,ABC, FOX affliiated sites and other major brand name outlets.

If you are trying to get your music news out there whether it be a new release, concert announcement, remix, collaboration, or just some exciting music news then you have found the right site. If you would like your music to potentially reach promoters, record execs, radio, tv and movie licensing this is the first step on 
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Music Business Plan $300

Have 20 year experinced music indistry guru come up with a Music Busniess Plan and outline how to get your song on radio, Spotify Play, Movie and Tv Licensing, Youtube Views, National Spotlight and more.. Outline How to make money with your songs. This is a professional music business plan outlined from record label experience.


Artist Bio $50
eMusicRelease will write a compelling music bio that your story of who you are as an artist and why your music is so special Have eMusicRelease write a customized bio that can be used everywhere.


Music Management/Music Promoter $300/a month

eMusicRelease manages artists from all over the world for a small monthly fee of $300 a month. If you would like to your music career to the next level, you need a promoter of your music. Get Promoted Now! Our Management and Promotion team will help get you on radio, press, interviews, podcasts, movie and tv licensing, youtube promotion and spotify promotion as well as teach you the ropes on royalties and make sure you are properly registered.


Mastering $99 per track
The eMusicRelease Team are sound geeks here we master with the best equipment Prism Orpheus or Universal Audio Equipment MKII. Have your Song Mastered on a professional level ready for radio,tv, and movie licensing.