JD Days #2 on radio distribution charts for most downloads

JD Days heading his way up the charts with Evergreen Christmas charting #2 on Radio Distribution downloads

JD Days #2 on radio distribution charts for most downloads

The Christmas charts of radio distribution feature JD Days’s “Evergreen Christmas” as #2. The song is also headed to the Billboard charts. Radio releases are looking good for this song, as right after its first release you could count 2100 spins.

JD Days’s initial release is being extremely successful. Not only Evergreen Christmas is among the five most downloaded songs for radio, but it is also up against Warner Music, Concord Holiday Tracks, Centricity, Dan and Shay, all the major competitors in the Christmas music market.

This year has been hard, and while many couples will manage to be together on Christmas day, others might not be as lucky. Either way, “Evergreen Christmas” is there to heal their souls. Its sound features both the warmth and spirit of traditional Christmas music and John Lennon’s legacy. Its lyrics are extremely romantic, and really celebrate couples and their “evergreen love”. Everything in the music, even JD Days’s voice, is extremely delicate.

JD Days’s production is extremely wide. It features indie, rock, pop, rap, folk and progressive rock..

In “Evergreen Christmas” there is something more than just voice and a guitar, but nothing more than what is needed to make a nice and warm Christmas atmosphere. The aim is not to be funny and noisy, just happy and calm at the same time.

The song, available on all digital platforms, is just what all lovers needed for Christmas 2020.