BYUT’s holiday special “Christmas under the stars” featuring Lauren Daigle on

Watch Lauren Daigle's amazing Christmas TV special performance on

BYUT’s holiday special “Christmas under the stars” featuring Lauren Daigle on

Christian pop artist Lauren Daigle’s performance at BYUT’s holiday special “Christmas under the stars” is to be released on In the meanwhile, Variety has managed to obtain an exclusive clip, and whoever wants to have an idea of what to expect can watch a 30-second preview on YouTube. 

All singles written and performed for Christmas 2020 seem to have a specific purpose. This purpose is to bring joy and cheer to everyone in the world. Lauren’s performance in BYUtv is not an exception to this. For instance, you will hear the evergreen Christmas song “Jingle Bells” performed by this wonderful and talented singer, and you will see her having fun and sharing it with the audience. This is most welcome, as the Covid pandemic did not really bring many chances to celebrate anything.

You will feel both entertained and relaxed by this lively but also intimate performance. BYUtv’s Christmas Special will allow every single person to get a moment of happiness even while safely staying at home, which can be a real challenge these days. 

Lauren Daigle, a Contemporary Christian pop music singer and songwriter, was born in Louisiana on September 9th, 1991. She is especially appreciated for her unique voice, whose timbre is extremely soft and raw at the same time. She is also praised for her ability to connect with her audience. You will be able to enjoy both those abilities if you go and watch her Christmas clip in two days.

Lauren’s career has been brilliant so far. She won a Grammy Award for her crossover single, “You Say”, which also appeared in the Top 40 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. How Can It Be, her very first album, was also awarded by RIAA. 

You could never ask for anything more than enjoying a nice evening with your family, sitting on the couch while watching and listening to everything this clip has to offer.