Are we having the New Michael Jackson?

A new Artist coming up with the song writing skills and vocals of Classic Michael Jackson, showing in his upcoming single "Good Time"

Are we having the New Michael Jackson?

Benus is coming up with his new single “Good Time” that is reviving the memories of Jackson among his fans. It is all about a new energy with same old taste to relish your life with some music you loved before. The song is your chance to put on some dancing shoes and celebrate life again for all good reasons.

BENUS has had success with a hit in the top 10 songs in Canada and radio airplay in France, and is gaining a huge popularity around the globe on its way to America.
The best thing about BENUS's music is the positive energy and classic sound. It takes you back in time when music was timeless and more about feeling good about life. 

Listening to the Good Time single you can relate the feel with a Jackson 5 song and his vocals will leave you simply amazed. He is heavily influenced by Jackson in song writing, vocals and adding the positive energy to it. Sometimes, you may feel BENUS is a combination of Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Usher.

BENUS says about Good Time, “It’s our pleasure to share some good positive vibes with the world. We know the world is in need of some good times again, we want to be the soundtrack that makes you happy.”

For the song, BENUS recently collaborated with Laurent Proneur from LA, a music producer who has worked with TIMBALAND, and JANET JACKSON. He mentioned,  "When we started putting the track together it was magical, something really special happened. We are at the very beginning process of promoting the radio single in the US are we are in talks and have hired new management to license the song in Movies and Television." 

Soon we will be able to enjoy the song with all its publication and broadcasting right around the globe. Moreover, BENUS’s Good Time is out with its official video that you can enjoy here.

BENUS made his debut with Sony Columbia and currently completing his album Suite 221. Find more information about BENUS please visit

You can enjoy his Music digitally worldwide at Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, etc 


Los Angeles, CA USA

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